9 Best Massage Chairs Under $500

9 Best Massage Chairs Under $500

You’ve got a lot going on in your life right now—a stressful job, a crazy schedule, and hectic social life. But when at home all you want is to relax, unwind, and de-stress. That’s where a massage chair comes in. A massage chair can help you relax, relieve stress, and get rid of body aches.

A 2020 study shows that massage chairs are cost-effective when it comes to controlling pain and improving the overall quality of life. Keep in mind that massage chairs are not a replacement for physiotherapy or manual therapy.

If you’re looking for the best massage chairs under 500, then we’ve got you covered!

Best Massage Chairs Under 500-Reviews

We have reviewed these elegant and affordable massage chairs for under 500 US dollars based on:

  • product dimensions 
  • user experience
  • massage type (kneading, tapping, rolling, heated, etc)
  • and massage modes

Esright Power Lift Massage Chair – Best Lumbar Massage

Massage mode: Lumbar heating with eight vibration massage points

Height Limit: Supports people from 5’1″ to 5’9″ in height

Come to experience the comfort of home without compromising on style with this upholstered recliner chair. The luxurious upholstery of the chair is soft for a relaxing time after a long day at the office.

This massage recliner chair also comes with cup holders and extra storage bags. The power lift mechanism is ergonomic in design to help you get up without putting pressure on your joints. This product stands apart for its easy-to-clean fabric and smart features that let you connect your phone or tablet with this chair.

Buyers have liked this chair for elderly family members and commented that it has been useful for sitting after knee surgery. A customer bought it for his wife suffers from sciatica because of the heated lumbar support and vibration massage.

Comfortable chair
Easy to maintain and set up
Good for elderly and sick people
Supports tall people

Fabric rips off after sometime
Footrest gets stuck

Magic Union Power Lift Chair – Best Heated Massage

Massage mode: Five modes focusing on the back, thighs, and legs

Reclining angle: 45 to 150-degree 

A very comfortable and practical sofa suitable for people who need to sit longer. Whether it’s a business meeting, a family gathering, or just watching television, this recliner will make your life easier.

 The frame of this recliner is made of steel, and the seat and backrest are both made of soft yet thick foam.

The backrest and leg parts can be easily adjusted to fit various sizes. The seat and backrest are adjustable independently to set at any desired angle.

Users have been praising this chair for its comfort and supportive lift function. It is highly recommended for its heated massage. A user gifted it to his wife and said that it made her happy. (that’s difficult to achieve otherwise! wink) 

Recliner is good


Easy to assemble

Makes noise while massaging

Flash Furniture Massaging Recliner – Best Ergonomics

Massage mode: Different intensity levels for nine modes of massage.

Ergonomics: An ottoman helps in relieving leg and foot pain.

Massage away tension with the Flash Furniture Multi-Position Massaging Recliner. This leather recliner is a unique and elegant addition to your living room.

Ergonomically designed armrests provide added support for your arms and shoulders, and the backrest is adjustable to the desired position. And the padded pillow is placed on top of the backrest to give a restful sleep.

You can use the ottoman as a table, the armrests as a coffee table, and the nightstand as a nightstand. A sleek modern look, ideal for a home or office with fire-resistant padding.

Customers have reviewed this massage chair as a high-quality fabric chair that is soft to sit for hours. A user with a degenerative disc condition reported that this recliner has reduced pressure on his spine and neck.


  • Great massage function
  • Durable
  • Supports long hours of sitting


  • Assembly of the chair is a bit tricky

Best Choice Products Massage Recliner – Premium Pick

Massage mode: Five massage modes target the neck to lower legs.

Swivel: A 360-degree swivel function to move the chair while sitting.

Relaxation is the ultimate goal of this recliner as it has a seat made of soft faux leather.

It has a weight capacity of up to 250 lbs. The high-quality steel frame is sturdy and durable.

When needed, there is a built-in remote for quick adjustments, a cup holder is conveniently located on the right arm, and 4 pockets are included for convenient storage.

There are positive reviews on this chair on the internet. Users consider it a worthy chair to buy. Also, its massage function is efficient in lowering pain levels. 


  • Best Value
  • Elegant design
  • Easy assembly


  • The footrest is not sturdy

Furniwell Massage Recliner Sofa – Top Back Support

Massage Mode: Stimulation 2-point lumbar massage

Reclining angle: 90 to 170-degree

Enjoy the best comfort while you work, play, watch TV or relax with the Furniwell Massage Recliner Sofa. This recliner is made of high-quality, skin-friendly PU leather and soft comfortable sponges.

A resilient seat is ideal for long-time sitting, the massage function gives you a serene experience.

A simple sofa, but its back accords with the curve of the human body, no matter be sitting or lying, it’s helpful for circulation.

It is designed to help keep you relaxed throughout the day while you enjoy the comfort of the recliner. This recliner features a thick seat cushion and back support to provide maximum comfort.

Customers love this recliner for its massage at such a low price. The restful sitting experience of this chair is the reason behind its high purchase rate.


  • Comfy
  • Soft upholstery
  • Good quality


  • Not meant for a large-sized person

Zero Gravity Full Body – Best Massage Chair

Massage mode: This Zero Gravity Chair has three modes knocking, shiatsu, and air massage.

Smart features: Bluetooth connectivity and built-in speakers.

You can choose between the “Knocking” mode for relaxation, the “Shiatsu” mode for deep tissue massages, and the “Air Pressure” mode for an air massage.

You can switch between modes at any time with the touch of a button. The “Knocking” mode makes gentle knocking noises that will help you fall asleep faster. You can also make yourself comfortable with our convenient memory function.

The “Shiatsu” mode allows you to feel the pain points in your body without harming them. In addition, it can relieve muscular tension, ease stiffness, improve blood circulation and make your skin soft.

And you can also turn the chair into a “deep tissue” mode, the rolling rollers move from the head to the feet, gently releasing your tension and restoring balance.

Finally, the “Air Pressure” mode uses air inflation and deflation to provide you with a complete body massage.

Customers enjoy a soothing and invigorating massage as they watch TV shows, movies, or their favorite sports. It is also suitable for the kids, you can let them sit on the chair while they watch their favorite cartoons and movies.


  • Excellent price
  • Quality massage
  • Durable


  • Fabric is low-quality

Comhoma Recliner Chair – Top Massage Rocker

Massage mode: It has an eight-point heated vibration massage with 4 modes.

Swivel and Recline function: A 360-degree swivel and a 110 to 160-degree recline feature.

This rocking chair has everything you could want in an elegant yet simple lounge chair. It features a beautiful wood finish with a rich mahogany grain.

This beautiful recliner chair is a comfortable sofa that comes with a massage function and a swivel function.

The high-quality foam provides full support and makes the chair extremely comfortable, and the massage function lets you relax your muscles after a hard day at work or play.

The armrests feature three levels of adjustable lumbar support, allowing you to find just the right amount of support that works for your particular needs.

The swivel function gives you the ability to sit in multiple positions without having to adjust your position.

This beautiful armchair has a drink holder and makes it convenient for you to enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Buyers recommend this contemporary massage chair for adding character to any space. The seat is made of the finest leather available which gives it a luxurious feel. 


  • Well built
  • Comfortable
  • Looks good
  • Great price


  • Not ideal for the elderly

Flamaker Power Lift Recliner – Massage Chair for the Elderly

Massage mode: A 4-point massage with five different modes and varying intensities.

Ergonomics: Power lift recliner feature

This is an original and stylish living room sofa. Flamaker Power Lift Recliner Chair with Massage is a practical, affordable, and functional product, which can help you relieve your tiredness and reduce stress at home.

It has the function of lifting or reclining automatically, you can lie down in a cozy position and take a rest, watch TV, or have tea when you like to relax.

And the lumbar part is equipped with massage rollers for you to enjoy a full body massage, which is convenient to enjoy a good rest.

Customers prefer it over others for its cost and lift function. A good choice for the elderly and a gift for your mother, says a user. A user has liked that it can adjust a tall person easily and comes with instructions about the remote control.


  • Nice leather
  • Not a bulky chair
  • Easy to assemble
  • Connects to power


  • Not durable

Recliner Chair for Living Room Massage – Budget Friendly

Massage mode: Lumbar vibration massage with 3 intensity levels.

Affordable chair: A low-price recliner with an extendable footrest

Are you tired of spending countless hours working at your desk? Let the recliner chair take the pain out of sitting.

It is made of high-quality steel with a smooth finish. The upholstery fabric has good elasticity and the soft foam cushioning inside provides a comfortable seat.

And the armrests will also provide support, and the height of the chair is adjustable. This massage chair has a left hand that will control the speed, intensity, and rhythm of the massage. 

Users have recommended this chair for the backrest can be tilted backward to an upright position. It is a comfy recliner for this price, said a buyer.


  • Weight capacity of 250lbs
  • Relaxing recliner


  • Massage points protrude through the fabric after use

Pro Tips for Buying a Massage Chair

Best massage chairs under 500

There are a few different types of massage chairs on the market, but the most common is the electric model.

They tend to be more expensive and more powerful than manual models. However, manual massage chairs are cheaper and easier to use, and many people prefer them to others.

When shopping for a massage chair, consider the following factors:

Choose a chair based on your needs

You have to choose a chair based on your needs. What do you want the massage chair for? Do you need one for relaxation, to relieve stress, or to get rid of aches and pains? Do you want it for your home or office?

Decide if you want a manual or an automatic massage chair

If you have no experience with massage chairs, consider buying an automatic massage chair. They are easier to use and adjust. On the other hand, if you have experience with massage chairs, you might prefer a manual massage chair. Manual massage chairs are more affordable and easier to use.

Choose the right size

Make sure the massage chair is the right size for your needs. Do you want a chair that’s big enough for you to stretch out and relax? Or do you want a chair that’s small enough for you to sit on and take a nap?

Choose a comfortable material

Choose a chair that is made of comfortable material. Do you want a chair that’s made of leather, fabric, or another type of material? Do you want a chair that’s soft and plush? Do you want a chair that’s firm and hard?

Compare prices

The price of a massage chair is important to consider. When you compare massage chairs, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Make sure you compare the same features, such as heat settings, massage options, and adjustments.

Select one with a warranty

Choose a chair with a good warranty. Do you want a warranty that is two years, five years, or ten years? Do you want a warranty that covers repairs, replacement, or both?

Consider buying online

Online stores like Amazon, eBay, and Wayfair offer a variety of massage chairs at affordable prices. The online store will help you find the right chair based on your needs and budget. You can order the chair right away.

Online stores also offer a wide range of chairs, including automatic massage chairs. Massage chairs are available in all kinds. Some massage chairs have wheels, while others don’t. 

Some massage chairs are expensive, while others are cheap. Consider the features and benefits of each type of massage chair before purchasing it.

What are the Benefits of a Massage Chair?

The benefits of a massage chair are endless. It’s a great way to reduce stress, improve your mood, and help you unwind after a long day at work or school.

Massages are not only relaxing they also help you feel better about yourself, which can lead to improved self-esteem and overall happiness.

According to 2021 research, massage chairs helped healthcare workers in relieving work-related stress. Numerous studies show that massage therapy can: reduce stress, improve circulation, improve sleep, lower blood pressure, and promote healthy body weight.

Massage chairs help in better circulation of blood and lymph fluid, allowing your immune system to function efficiently.


Which brand is the best for massage chairs?

We recommend Esright for massage chairs. The quality, price, and massage functions of this chair are great.

Is sitting in a massage chair good?

Yes, having a massage chair at the office or home is important for your health and productivity. Sitting in a massage chair can help you relax and de-stress.

What are the disadvantages of a massage chair?

You should always stretch before and after the massage. And do not overuse it.

The Verdict

Ultimately, a massage chair relieves back and neck tension by de-stressing and easing muscle tension. The massage recliner chair is a perfect gift for your loved ones. So, go through our reviews and select the best massage chairs under 500 for yourself! 

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