What Benefits Do You Get From A Chair With Speakers – 2023

What Benefits Do You Get From A Chair With Speakers

A chair with speakers benefits in many ways, you can listen to music, hear your phone, watch TV, play games, and more with a push of button.

Are you a music lover or a hardcore gamer? Do you enjoy music while working on your computer? If yes, then a chair with built-in speakers is meant for you!

If you’re looking to entertain yourself or others, a chair with speakers is a perfect choice. Most gaming chairs and TV lounge recliners come with this audio function. Although a gaming chair is known for its ergonomics and comfort, the sound system adds more value to these chairs.

Here we give you the top benefits of a chair with speakers.

How to Choose a Chair with Speakers

Boy in a Chair with Speakers

Knowing the right type of chair before is important. As we are discussing chairs with sound systems, it’s worth mentioning that gaming chairs come in several basic varieties.

A classic swivel desk chair, a leaning chair, and a rocking chair are just a few of them. Pedestal chairs are ideal for people who have long work days and spend a lot of time sitting at their computers.

Look for the following features:

  • comfort,
  • sturdiness,
  • lumbar support,
  • and ergonomics of chairs

Ensure it is adjustable for seat height, armrest, swivel or tilt, and seat depth. Finally, opt for a high-end chair with Bluetooth speaker connectivity.

Benefits of Chairs with Speakers – Music lover’s Treat!

The idea behind a speaker is to create the best sound experience for the user. The following are some advantages:


girl on a gaming chair

  • They are an excellent choice for Video Gaming, Listening to Music, or Watching movies. They are user-friendly and ergonomic when compared to the regular wired speakers connected to your gaming console.
  • The high-quality speaker headphones will give you an immersive gaming and movie experience.

Style and Versatility

  • Chairs with speakers are a great way to add some style and flair to your home theater.
  • They are easy to install. They match your decor and accentuate. Some of these chairs are better suited for smaller rooms.
  • These chairs come in features suitable not only for gaming but for living rooms, massage clinics, study rooms, and certain offices.


  • Chairs with built-in speakers are much more comfortable for long gaming sessions.
  • They’re the best gift for a budding musician! These Bluetooth speakers are easy to connect and use and can play music for hours.

Back Support

A chair should support neutral sitting posture and should have a reclining angle of 110 degrees and declining angle of 30 degrees. Sitting in this way will preserve the natural curve of your backbone.

  • One advantage is that a gaming chair is better at keeping your back and posture straight than a standard chair.
  • They don’t cause you to have backache after an hour-long video game session. They do come with reclining and massage functions to help you sit on a neutral spine.


  • These chairs are cost-effective and you can get them on a budget. Unless you’re looking for a big woofer system, you can save money by buying a separate speaker system.

Noise Control

  • Chairs with a built-in sound system can help you prevent unwanted noise at home, especially if your mom is expecting guests.
  • You can have fun in your home theater without your neighbors calling the cops on you.


  • These chairs are designed for long-term use and are sturdy in their build. They can last for years and have a decent weight capacity.

Chairs with Bluetooth Speaker Connectivity

Usually, they’ve two Bluetooth speakers encased into the sides or back of your chair. You can easily connect it to your smartphone, tablet, or Bluetooth-enabled devices like a TV or Laptop.

This feature lets you enjoy movies, music, mobile game, or video game on your computer.

Drawbacks of A Chair with Speakers

Here are a few reasons why you might not like a chair with speakers:

Low Sound Quality of a Chair with Speakers

They don’t have very high sound quality. Sometimes the speaker causes the chair to vibrate.


People tend to lose their focus if they’ve speakers in their computer chairs and it may decrease productivity.

Weight and Portability

Chairs with a sound system are bulky and it is not ideal to move them over and over again.


If the speaker malfunction, you’ll have to open the chair to fix it. And that will cost you.

Do Gaming Chairs have Built-In Speakers

Yes, gaming chairs have typically 2 built-in speakers at the back, or flanking the backrest. Some have their sound system in the wings of the chair’s headrest.

For the serious gamer, a gaming chair that has a subwoofer in the back is an option worth considering.

Gaming seats also have a vibrating motor system that amplifies the sound effects and provides an in-depth joyful gaming session.

Stereo and surround sound speakers of gaming chairs are often part of an intricate system of amplifiers, receivers, crossovers, equalizers, etc.

How does a Chair with Speakers Affect your Hearing?

boy using headphones on a chair

As with any other technology and gadget, a chair’s speaker can be harmful if misused.

See, the thing is that your ears have thousands of tiny hair cells that are responsible for the transmission of sound waves to the inner parts of the ear.

When you listen to loud sounds for long hours, it may destroy those cells and cause hearing loss. Sometimes loud noise can harm the nerves or membranes inside the ear and result in partial or complete auditory loss.

To avoid that, you should take breaks from gaming, movies, or music. Also, try to keep the volume low so it doesn’t shock your eardrum.

Lastly, buy a good gaming chair so the speakers won’t scratch or buzz.

Final Thoughts

So what benefits can you get from a chair with speakers? They help you to listen to music, watch movies, or play video games. They’re best for use in the TV lounge where you can have fun with friends and family.

You can relax and feel more comfortable in these ergonomic chairs. But be cautious and minimize your exposure to loud sounds as it may affect hearing.


1. What are the benefits of a chair with speakers?

It can be used as an audio system for leisure time, work, or video gaming.

2. What’s the best type of speaker for a chair?

The best type of speaker is a full-range speaker.

3. How much does a chair with speakers cost?

The price of a chair with speakers depends on the brand and size of the speakers.

4. What’s the difference between a stereo and a surround sound?

Stereo speakers are designed to play two channels of music at the same time. Surround sound speakers have six or more speakers that surround the listener.

5. Are gaming chairs with speakers comfortable?

Yes, they have ergonomic features of lumbar support, armrests, adjustability, and soft cushioning. Additionally, their sound system gives you an immersive gaming experience.

6. What is the difference between a speaker and a subwoofer?

A speaker is a device that produces sound. A subwoofer is a device that amplifies low frequencies.

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