Ergonomic Vs Non-Ergonomic Chairs – What’s the Difference?


Chairs can come in many forms and shapes. With the advancement in technology, you can have chairs with Bluetooth connectivity and speakers. Based on research, multiple brands create new seats. That’s when making a choice becomes difficult.

To assist you in selecting the best chair, we’ve analogized diverse models available in the market. Additionally, our educational guide provides a detailed explanation of different sitting and standing postures.

According to the journal of human factors and ergonomics society, sitting on a yoga ball, compared to office chairs, doesn't boost a healthy posture. In fact, yoga balls can cause discomfort if used for prolonged sitting sessions. 

For comparisons like this and much more, you can read this guide. We compare different chair brands and their effects on the human body. It’ll help you understand body mechanics and how o choose the right seat for yourself.