Why Are The Gaming Chairs So Expensive? Reasons Explained

Gaming Chairs So Expensive

The reason why gaming chairs are so expensive is that they are designed to be used by people who play games for long hours. These chairs are designed to be comfortable, durable, and ergonomically sound. They support a wide range of body types and sizes.

The main difference between expensive and cheap gaming chairs is their design and durability. This article will tell you why gaming chairs are expensive. And are they worth buying? What’s the hype about?

Reasons Why Gaming Chairs Are Expensive?

gaming chairs are expensive

A gaming chair is an investment for gamers because of the following reasons:

  • It is designed for comfort
  • It has an ergonomic build and fits the contours of your body. It has a sturdy lumbar support
  • It lasts for a long time
  • You can use a gaming chair for office work, studying, or as a computer chair
  • The built-in speakers make this chair versatile
  • Additionally, the footrests, lightweight, Bluetooth connectivity, and soft plush cushioning add to the benefits

The Durability of Expensive Gaming Chairs

As a gamer, you’ll be sitting for hours and leave behind sweat, spills, and stains on the chair. This may damage the gaming chair, but they are made of high-quality materials and withstand a lot of wear and tear.

The lifespan of a chair can be influenced by the amount of movement you do on it. Investing in a chair with greater resilience can help it last longer.

You’ll need to save up for the investment since the best gaming chairs cost more. They use more materials and parts to provide better support for the chair. It stays rigid in all the right places to prolong its life.

Comfort and Stability

Another thing that makes gaming chairs so durable is that they are built to be stable. Most of them are sturdy and won’t topple over easily.

A stable headrest, backrest, and adjustable arms are a must-have. Gaming chairs with built-in speakers save a lot of space on your desk and are perfect for small spaces.

The best chairs will adapt to different positions, so you don’t have to worry about it hurting your back or neck. Select a chair that fits your body size if you’re tall or petite.

Warranty of Expensive Gaming Chairs

Manufacturers like Herman Miller offer a warranty of up to 12 years. You’ll want to know if the company you’re buying from offers a warranty. This way, if anything goes wrong with the chair in the future, you can get a replacement for free.

Usually, expensive chairs come with a warranty period of one to five years.


Ergonomics is another thing that you need to consider when buying a gaming chair. Most of them have a variety of adjustments and features that allow you to customize the chair to your preferences.

An expensive chair should come with stable neck and back support. It must improve your posture while sitting and keep your spine in a neutral position. The reclining and swivel functions help you to move and adjust while gaming.

Although sitting continuously has negative health consequences like lower back pain and musculoskeletal discomfort. Yet the ergonomic design provides you protection from aches and discomfort during prolonged sitting.


Adjustable backrests, arms, and footrests are the best options for gamers. A high-quality gaming chair will come with an adjustable backrest, arms, and a footrest.

Most gaming chairs come with adjustable armrests. The arms should be able to adjust and tilt backward and forward. This allows you to place the controller in front of you while playing.

A gaming chair must have a headrest that keeps the neck stable. You can use it to rest your head while playing.

The footrest must be adjustable. It is meant to be placed under your feet when you are sitting in a chair. It prevents the feet from getting tired and increases the comfort level.

Gaming Console Support

In the early 2000s, the gaming industry shifted, and so did most people’s ideas about what a good gaming chair should look like.
There was a shift toward cheaper, lighter, more affordable, and more portable gaming systems.

Manufacturers started including wireless devices in the gaming chairs to accommodate the audience. The prominent features of contemporary gaming chairs include:

  • wireless connectivity for the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 gaming console
  • built-in speakers
  • virtual reality gaming simulators

Seat and Neck Padding

Expensive gaming chairs must have premium-quality foam or cushion. It increases the cost of production and increases the price of the chair.

It will not take long for a chair to be compressed when it doesn’t have a lot of padding. You can feel the framework inside the chair when that happens.

It’s uncomfortable to sit on. A padded chair is more difficult to squeeze. You will enjoy greater comfort over time. If you want long-term comfort, then you need to pay a higher price.

Upholstery or Fabric

gaming chair

In the first place, the cover is what attracts a player to a game. Many different materials make up the gaming chair’s cover. The reason leather is so expensive is that it’s rare.

Leather is an ideal material for a gaming chair and it gives the chair a professional look. Leather lasts a long time as well.

The problem with the leather is that it needs to be kept clean. You need to oil it and make sure it doesn’t get scratched once you buy it. You have to use more than one brush or cleaner on it. This makes leather gaming chairs expensive to maintain.

Pleather is a common upholstery material for gaming chairs. This is not the same as leather because it uses a polyurethane coating. It’s cheaper and doesn’t require as much maintenance as leather, but it is durable.


It is also necessary for you to consider the weight limit when buying a gaming chair. You will have to check the maximum weight that it can carry. The height of the gaming chair must also be considered.

The seat width and arm length are factors that impact your gaming experience, especially if you’re a tall and heavy person.

How Can You Get a Gaming Chair On a Budget

In the past, it wasn’t easy to get a gaming chair for your home. The only options were expensive and often didn’t last very long.

Today you’ve got many options that are inexpensive, comfortable, and durable. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get one. There are plenty of options available on sites like Amazon that won’t break the bank.

Cheap Fabric Covers

The reason why fabric covers are cheap is that they’re made from low-quality materials. They’re not durable and will eventually tear or stain. If you buy a fabric cover, make sure to take good care of it. Don’t store it in a hot place, or under direct sunlight.

Minimum Padding

If you’re looking to get a cheap gaming chair, you’re probably better off investing in a chair that has minimal padding. If you have to spend a lot of money on a gaming chair, then you may want to consider a chair with more padding.

Buy An Old Model

In general, a good price on a gaming chair is about 20% less than its retail price. The reason is that when a seller sells a used gaming chair, it usually has been sitting on a store shelf for months or even years.

When a seller decides to put an older model on sale, it’s a sign that the seller is getting desperate to unload it. That’s a good thing!

Take benefit of the situation and get yourself a gaming chair on a budget.

Cons of Having an Expensive Gaming Chair

One of the drawbacks of having an expensive gaming chair is that it takes up space.

If you have a small room, it will take up space. Another drawback is that it is very difficult to move around the house when you have a large, heavy, expensive piece of furniture.

It can also be a real pain to maintain and clean. It is possible to spend hours cleaning and sanitizing your expensive gaming chair.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gaming Chairs

1. Why are gaming chairs so expensive?

The features that make them high-budget are high quality, durability, compatibility with various gaming consoles, and comfort.

2. Why can’t I find a cheap gaming chair?

There are a lot of gaming chairs on the market, but most of them are not made well. Good gaming chairs are made from aluminum, wood, and other high-quality materials.

3. What’s the difference between a video game chair and a computer chair?

The biggest difference between a video game chair and a computer chair is that the computer chair has a keyboard attached to it.

4. How much do gaming chairs cost?

A typical gaming chair costs $100 to $800.

5. What are the advantages of a gaming chair?

The biggest advantage of a gaming chair is that it is comfortable. It is also easy to move around.

The Verdict

Wondering why gaming chairs are expensive? Because they’re ergonomically designed, high-quality, long-living, sturdy, and adjustable padded chairs.

A gaming chair withstands the rigors of a long gaming session and provides the most comfortable seating possible.

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