Mesh vs Leather Chair – Which One to Choose?

Mesh vs Leather Chair

The main difference between mesh and leather chair is their price and breathability. A Mesh chair is more ergonomic when it comes to temperature regulation for the user. While leather chair offers a variety of styles and durability. 

As with any other popular item, a comparison between mesh and leather office chairs can be polarizing. People have a love-or-hate relationship with these chairs. However, in my experience mesh chairs support sitting for people with piriformis and other back problems.

“According to statistical data, an average person sits for about 7 to 12 hours a day. And for that, we need ergonomically designed, supportive, comfortable chairs.”

Here we will explain mesh vs leather chair: how mesh and leather chairs are different. And what’s best for you? 

Mesh Chairs – The Contemporary Furniture 

Mesh vs Leather Chair

Mesh is made from a network of synthetic nylon or polyester, stainless steel, copper, or bronze. It is known for ventilation and simplistic styles. 

Meriam Webster defines mesh as a woven open fabric with equally spaced holes. The mesh chairs are not executive in their construction and are affordable compared to leather office chairs.

Leather Chairs – The Old Age Aesthetics

Leather is a sturdy and high-end material used in furniture, clothing, bags, etc. Its elegant finish improves as it ages.

Besides the natural leather obtained from animal skin and hide, synthetic leather made of polyurethane and polyvinyl components is used in modern times. It is also known as plastic leather.

It’s no secret that leather is very durable. However, it is susceptible to damage and cracking. You have to take special care of these chairs.

Benefits of Mesh Chairs

Seat Design of Mesh Chair

Mesh chairs are available in black, grey, and white color schemes. These chairs are an excellent choice for the visitor’s room in your office. Here are the pros of mesh chairs:


Mesh chairs have a knitted structure and have hole

s in them. This open structure allows air to flow through the chair. 

If you’re looking for affordable, comfortable, and breathable sitting options then get a mesh office chair.


Mesh chairs are very durable because they are made from high-quality materials. You can count on a mesh chair to last for years with proper care.

Lumbar Support

Mesh chairs have a metal frame over which the material is attached. These chairs have padded seats and are ergonomically designed. 

They are known for their lumbar support. They are very easy on your back, neck, and joints. They’re ideal for people who spend a lot of time in their office chairs.

Cost and Easy Assembly

Mesh chairs are less expensive than other types of office chairs. A well-padded mesh chair is available on Amazon for a price of 80 USD to 290 USD. This feature makes them a good choice for small businesses and individuals who need budget-friendly seating solutions. 

Mesh office chairs are easy to assemble and you won’t need any professional help.

Lightweight and Portability

Mesh office chairs are light in weight. They’ve got an average weight of 37 lbs. Although, the weight capacity on these chairs is up to 250 lbs, which is pretty good.

Low Maintenance

These chairs are easy to maintain and clean. For spills, you can wipe the chair with a wet cloth. And for dirt, a vacuum cleaner works best. 

Mesh chairs are liked by many for their low maintenance. The repair materials are easily available and cost-efficient.

Benefits of Leather Chairs

Leather chair

Leather chairs are known to enhance the decor of any room they’re placed in. Their neutral colors and classic look never conflict with the overall appearance of your office.

The pros of leather chairs include:


Leather chairs are soft, plush, and comfy. They’re known to become safe and snug over time. Maybe that’s the reason why your boss never gets off of his chair. 

These seats offer a long duration of restful sitting as you work at your desk or home on the computer. Leather chairs are flexible and get warm and cozy as you sit in them. 


The material of these chairs is natural and high-end. Their quality is evident in their endurance to long-term use.

Their color usually does not fade with time. That’s why you can use them in sunlit rooms. The weight of these chairs ranges from 40 to 60 pounds. And their weight capacity is up to 350 pounds. 

Style and Versatility

If you love the tradition of elegant-looking furniture then a leather chair is a must for you. They are versatile and are available as adjustable and non-adjustable chairs. Because of their sturdy build, these seats can be used for living rooms, offices, and studies. 


If you’re using a chair with natural leather or high-quality bonded leather then it will last a lifetime. The durability of these chairs is unmatchable. They’re like old wine, the older the better!

Cons of a Mesh Chair


The mesh chairs are known to become saggy with time. The user complains of sinking while sitting in the chair. This upholstery is known to cause discomfort during long sitting hours. Some users find it hard to sit on because of its stiff edges.

Affects Skin and Clothing

Mesh fabric is known to be abrasive on skin and clothes. As this is synthetic it might cause skin sensitivity. It causes lint to accumulate on your clothing and may cause a skin rash. The fabric is susceptible to mildew and mold. 

Cons of a Leather Chair


Pure leather adjusts to the user’s body temperature but synthetic ones tend to be unbreathable. In summer, they’re too warm to sit and may cause bum sweat.

Heavy Weight Chair

The chair is heavy compared to mesh chairs and you’ve got to be careful if you move it. 


Leather chairs are expensive and high maintenance. They’re luxurious and no doubt durable.

Prone to cracks and scratches

You’ve to be cautious with this chair as leather is susceptible to cracks and scratches if misused. This is a problem, especially with bonded synthetic leather. With one scratch the look of the chair changes. 

Environmental Impact of Mesh vs Leather Chair

Mesh fabric is made from petroleum and is a contributor to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in our environment. And the nylon manufacturing process uses adipic acid which also causes air pollution. 

Also, it takes a long time for the mesh fibers to biodegrade and they may pile up in the soil or water affecting the lives of plants and animals

Likewise, the leather industry uses tanning which releases harmful chemicals into the water bodies. It causes eutrophication or algal blooms in water. And leads to the death of aquatic organisms. It also affects the health of workers in the tanning industry.

Although most of the natural leather is obtained from cattle raised for meat, the carbon dioxide emissions negatively impact the air. Bonded leather takes a long time to degrade in the soil. 

The only solution to these environmental issues is to reduce manufacturing and reuse old chairs. 

Mesh vs Leather Chair


Features Mesh Chairs Leather Chairs
Material Polyester, Nylon Natural or Bonded Polyurethane
Breathability Very breathable Moderately breathable
Colors Mostly black, rarely grey or white Black, Brown, and White
Weight Avg 37lbs Avg 50lbs
Weight Capacity Up to 250 pounds Up to 350 pounds
Padding Padded seat and lumbar support Padded seat, back, and armrest
Adjustability Yes Yes

The Verdict

To sum it up you should note that Mesh vs. Leather Chair is a subjective topic. Many factors come into play when deciding which chair type to buy. These factors include your budget, lifestyle, and personal preference.

Both are ergonomically designed seats but like everything else, none of them is perfect. If you can afford then go for a leather chair, and if you prefer breathability then get a mesh chair.


1. Which is better the leather or mesh chair?

We recommend using any chair depending on your budget and personal preference. Both are ergonomic and support long hours of sitting.

2. Does mesh last longer than leather?

Leather chairs tend to have a longer life compared to mesh chairs. But you’ve to take care of the leather.

3. Is a mesh or a fabric office chair better?

The Mesh chair is better looking and durable. The fabric chair is also durable but is outdated for professional settings. Yes, you can use fabric chairs in your living or dining room.

4. What are the benefits of a mesh chair?

They’re breathable, affordable, and adjustable chairs.

5. Why are mesh chairs so uncomfortable?

Some people experience irritability because of mesh fibers and consider these chairs hard and stiff. 

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