Why Choose the Pewdiepie Gaming Chair? Features Explained

Pewdiepie gaming chair

If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably heard of PewDiePie. He’s the king of YouTube, and his channel has over 111 million subscribers. His popularity is because he’s a funny and engaging personality who plays a variety of games.

For the past few years, PewDiePie has been known for wearing a “gaming chair” at all times. So, what gaming chair does he use? Pewdiepie gaming chair is made by a company named Clutch. We’ll answer all questions including what gaming chair does Pewdiepie use and why?

What Brand is the Pewdiepie Gaming Chair?

Pewdiepie's gaming chair

The brand that has designed and is selling this chair is called Clutch Chairz. The US-based company claims that its chairs have an ergonomic design. Their padded headrests, adjustable armrests, back support, and sturdy build make them best suited for long gaming sessions. 

The Pewdiepie chair is sold under The Throttle Series name tag. The company claims that its chair has the best spine support and its design support users for hours of sitting.

Features of a Pewdiepie Gaming Chair

The following features distinguish the Pewdiepie chair from other gaming chairs:

Weight and Height Capacity

The chair can adjust up to 330 pounds but the ideal weight is 275 pounds. It has a good height capacity for a 6 ft tall person. The chair itself is lightweight and portable. It takes a small space to set up. You can enjoy PC or console gaming on this restful chair.

Sturdy Frame

The build of this gaming chair is very strong and durable. Pewdiepie chair is safe to sit in and supports heavy-weight people. The tubular steel frame provides maximum support with the least weight to improve your posture. The frame has an aluminum cast which makes adds to the tensile strength. 

If you still wonder why This sturdy build is why people like to sit in this chair as they enjoy their favorite gaming console. The LED lights in the LED 100 Million Edition are unique and give an immersive experience.

Padded Headrest

This gaming seat has a free padded headrest. The foam cushion around the neck holds its shape. The well-built, long-lasting headrest provides additional support to your shoulders and neck during a long gaming session. The foam used in padding does not wear away easily. It can bear pressure and hold onto its shape. 

Lumbar Support

This chair has a contoured lumbar support cushion. It is cold-cured and high-density, which is why this cushion maintains its shape through years of use.

The foam is high quality and durable, it fits into your lower back and adjusts to your body movements throughout the game. This feature makes it an excellent choice to be used as a computer or office chair. 

Chair Base of Pewdiepie Gaming Chair

It has a five-star base that is forged with nylon. Its hefty build carries the weight of the chair and user very steadily. 

Adjustable Armrests

This gaming seat has adjustable armrests that move in four directions. They can adjust your arms up or down, forward or backward, and sideways. 

The ergonomic armrests help you to rotate at an angle of 10 degrees inward or outward. This feature adds to the user-friendly usability of this chair.

Gas Lift Mechanism

The gas lift mechanism is designed according to the standards of BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association).

The mechanism can hold a maximum weight of up to 330 pounds.

Recline Function

A gamer needs a perfectly balanced and comfortable chair for long periods of gaming. A gaming chair is incomplete without a recline function. Imagine you can play your favorite console lying completely restful in your chair.

That’s why the Pewdiepie chair has a reclining angle of 85-135 degrees. It has a swivel-tilt mechanism with a lock which help you to lean back and relax. 

Smooth Casters

You can place this chair on your carpeted or lino floor without worrying about scratches. The PU casters are meant for any surface. 

They roll very smoothly and their polyurethane coating makes them resistant to dirt and dust. The casters and wheels of this chair are easy to clean and maintain.

How Much is the PewDiePie Chair?

The Pewdiepie Edition chair costs 499 USD and the Pewdiepie LED 100 million Edition is available for 599 USD. This is a high-priced multipurpose chair. And is available on Amazon and Clutch Chairz stores. 

Is the Pewdiepie Gaming Chair Comfortable?

Yes, it is. The users’ reviews and experience confirm that this product is worth buying. The Pewdiepie gaming chair is a high-end, premium, ergonomic chair that has been designed to be comfortable and durable.

The chair has several features that make it a great choice for any gamer, including the ability to adjust the seat height, tilt back, and recline.

Pros and Cons of Pewdiepie Gaming Chair

Pewdiepie throttle edition

The benefits of this chair overrule its drawbacks.

The advantages of this chair are:

  • comfort and style
  • ergonomics
  • back support
  • arm and shoulder support
  • sturdy headrest
  • reclining function
  • sturdy tubular gas lift mechanism
  • weight capacity
  • longevity and durability
  • lightweight

The disadvantages include:

  • high-priced
  • the seat is too firm
  • user doesn’t like the customer service
  • chair leans back too far
  • it is not meant for a petite and short person

Pewdiepie Chair vs Regular Gaming Chair

The main difference between a regular and the Pewdiepie chair is a tube steel frame.

The Pewdiepie gaming seat has high tensile strength and can hold heavy weight. While a regular gaming chair does not always use steel and forged aluminum frames.

The adjustable 4D armrests are unique whereas a regular gaming chair has 2D arm support for side-by-side movement. 

The lumbar support and padded seat are cozy and comfortable for sitting.

The shape and contour of this chair match the human spine. It helps in maintaining the natural S-shape curvature of your backbone. This might not be the case with a common gaming seat. 

Which Gaming Chair do other Streamers Use?

The most popular chairs used by streamers include:

  • Herman Miller
  • DXRacer
  • and SecretLab

These chairs have a long-lasting build with good warranties. And have had a huge market since the onset of modern console gaming.

Is it Worth Buying a Gaming Chair?

It is a thinkable question. Yet the answer is simple when you think of sitting what do you want from a chair? The first thing that pops into your is comfort and then price. 

Research suggests that video gaming is helpful in rehabilitation alongside conventional therapy for improving, functional ability and quality of life in people who have had a stroke.

Additionally, gaming chairs are known for their health benefits while sitting at a computer and typing. You can think of it as an investment for a lifetime.

Final Thoughts

Now you know, what gaming chair does Pewdiepie use? The reputable Pewdiepie gaming chair “the throttle” is recommended for you, because it supports your back, neck, and shoulders. And it can help prevent the aches and pains that you might experience while playing games.


1. Who is Pewdiepie?

Pewdiepie originally named Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a Swedish YouTuber, he was among the 100 most influential people listed in 2016 by Time magazine. He has 111 million subscribers on YouTube and is famous for his battle with the T-Series Indian music company.

2. What type of chair is the PewDiePie chair?

The famous YouTuber uses the Clutch Throttle series Pewdiepie Edition Chair.

3. What is the PewDiePie gaming chair made of?

It is made of steel and an aluminum frame. And has a cold-cured foam lumbar support cushion.

4. Is PewDiePie’s chair comfortable?

Yes, this is a comfy and homely chair. It allows the users to sit for hours of gaming.

5. What is the point of a gamer chair?

A gaming chair can help support your spine and lets you sit in a straight posture with neck and arm support.

6. Do gaming chairs fix your posture?

Good gaming chairs with high-end builds are known to help improve posture.

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