How to Remove the Base from an Office Chair? 2023

How to Remove the Base from an Office Chair

An office chair should be cozy and restful as you’ll spend hours at your desk. You may need a new desk chair to alleviate back pain and improve your posture. But what if the seat starts sinking, or the adjustment lock gets stuck?

Most office chairs have a base with tilt and lift mechanisms. Sometimes a broken or unstable chair needs the replacement of the seat base. Although disassembling a chair isn’t easy, it takes time and understanding the right tools. But you’ve to do it anyways.

This post explains how to remove the base from office chair and make it suitable for sitting.

What is a Chair’s Base?

All adjustable office chairs have a base. It is made of plastic, aluminum, or steel. It holds the pneumatic cylinder mechanism of your adjustable chair.

It is attached to the bottom of the seat and on the other end to the casters. A sturdy base is essential for the stability and safety of its user.

How to Remove the Office Chair Base? 5 Steps

remove base from office chair

Sometimes even new desk chairs need their base to be replaced. A faulty base is one reason people get rid of their old chairs.

Follow these steps to remove and fix the base of your chair:

1. Place a Rug or Newspaper on the Floor

The rug or newspaper will act as a cushion to avoid friction as you change the base.

2. Put the Chair Upside Down

Now place the chair upside down on the rug. Try to avoid putting a lot of pressure on the backrest. If possible remove the backrest first.

3. Pull Out the Holding Clip

Locate the holding clip in the center of the base. If you have the wrong size holding clip, it can make it difficult to pull it out.

4. Remove the Washer Pad

In this step, unscrew the washer from the top of the star base. You’ll need pliers to grab the washer and pull it out.

Now that you have removed the washer from the top of the base, you can separate it from the bottom.

5. Remove the Base of the Chair

The next step is to separate the base of the chair. It’s essential to take it off carefully, so as not to damage the legs. Take the screws out, and then take off the base.

Types of Chair Base

The office chair base is the foundation that keeps the office chair stationary. If the office chair is toppled over, the weight of the entire chair structure will fall upon the feet or legs of the person sitting in the chair. It is essential to choose the perfect base that is strong enough to support the structure of the office chair.

There are so many office chairs that come with different types of bases that you will not have a hard time finding a suitable one for you.

Stainless Steel base

The base is made up of a metal frame that supports the chair and keeps it steady. The metal frame is made of a durable material like stainless steel. It is more stable than other types of bases and can easily withstand a high level of pressure.

The powder-coated steel base is yet another type of office chair base that is very sturdy. It has a metal frame that is coated with a layer of powder. This layer of powder is a coating used to make the metal frame look like stainless steel.

It is a very good-looking and stylish base that can be used for both office chairs and living room furniture.

Chrome Chair base

A chrome chair base is used to make an office chair look more classy and sophisticated. It is usually made up of chrome or bronze material and is very durable.

Polypropylene base

A polypropylene base is used to make an office chair look more durable. It can be molded into different shapes and is often used in high-end offices.

Aluminum Chair base

Aluminum is the toughest base for an office chair. It adds to the outlook and is easy to replace.

Replacing the Starbase

chair base replacement

is not always a simple task. Most office chairs are made to be replaceable, but replacing the base is not as easy as just replacing the seat and back. The Starbase is the part that holds the base together.

The Starbase is held in place by four small screws. The top screw is on the outside of the base.

You know the Drill

Put the chair on the floor. Place it Upside Down!

Hit The Perimeter or the Edges

Start hitting the edge at the end of the first step. You have to hit the perimeter until the base comes off. This will break the clip and the cylinder will fall.

Unscrew the Casters from the Base

Remove the wheels from the old starbase. You can easily remove the wheels by using a screwdriver and some force.

You should note that if the screws are still in the socket, you should not use a screwdriver, but instead use a flat-head screwdriver. This will help you to avoid damaging the socket.

Fix the Casters or Wheels in the new Chair base

It is time to attach the caster wheels. To do this, you should first ensure that the wheels are aligned with the socket. Once they are aligned, you should apply pressure to ensure that they are attached to the socket.

Fix the Base

The cylinder of the chair has to be lined up with the new base. Make sure your chair is stable. If you sit on the chair you can see if the chair is holding up.

Things to Avoid while Removing the Chair Base

  • Don’t replace the chair base unless you know exactly what you’re doing.
  • Never use a knife to remove a chair base. Do not use wire cutters.
  • Make sure the chairs are not stacked together when removing the base.
  • Do not try to push down the screws holding the base to the frame.
  • Do not attempt to pry the screws out yourself; you will likely end up breaking something.

The Verdict

To remove base from office chair, you can also use a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the base to the chair. Be careful not to ruin your chair, if you need professional help, go for it. Fixing the base is important to stop the wobbling and squeaking of a chair.


1. How do I remove the base from an office chair?

You can also use a screwdriver and pliers to remove the screws that hold the base to the chair.

2. How do I make sure I get the right base?

You can tell by sitting in the chair that if it’s stable and doesn’t sink in or lock at one position, then the base is perfect.

3. How do I get the screws out of the base?

You can use a screwdriver or a hammer to pry the screws out.

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