How To Reset a Massage Chair? Easy Methods

How To Reset a Massage Chair Easily

The massage chair is a 16.64 billion U.S. dollar industry and is increasing in size continuously. Like living room and office chairs, massage chairs need regular maintenance. And you might need to protect your new vinyl floor from these bulky chairs. Today we’ll share our experience on how to reset a massage chair.

Most massage chairs are high priced but cheaper options are available too. They come with a user manual that includes basic maintenance tips and instructions on using the controls. 

It’s not easy getting it set up correctly, but with a little patience and some good old fashion elbow grease, you can make the adjustment and have a chair that’s up and running within a matter of minutes. Let us help you understand some basic problems and their solutions.

Reset a Massage Chair To Its Factory Settings

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Massage chairs add to productivity at the workplace, but there are times when even the most carefully calibrated massage chair will fail to deliver what its manufacturer promised.

When this happens, you may find yourself wondering what you can do to get the machine back to the factory settings.

5 Easy Steps to Reset a Massage Chair:

  1. First, reset the controller for the massage chair. If you’ve got a manual controller, you’ll need to locate its reset button. This is usually located on the underside of the unit, just behind the base.
  2. Press and hold the reset button for a maximum of 30 seconds. If your massage chair has an automatic controller, simply press the power button for five seconds.
  3. The controller should automatically turn off.
  4. Next, press and hold the power button again for 30 seconds. Finally, unplug the controller from the wall outlet and reset it to its factory settings.
  5. Once you’re done, plug the controller back in. You should now be able to access all of the massage chair’s features.

Problems with the Massage Chairs

The massage chair is an expensive piece of furniture. Unfortunately, many problems can arise with these chairs, such as:

  • The chair may be defective, causing the user to experience discomfort or pain.
  • It may not be properly maintained
  • It isn’t configured properly

Repair Broken or Malfunctioning Parts of a Massage Chair

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Massage chairs are used for therapeutic massage. The massage chair is typically made of wood, plastic, or metal and is motorized.

Some have built-in heat, music, lighting, or other features. If your massage chair is not working, you have likely tried the common tricks like turning the power on and off, but it did not work. 

Following are the parts of this chair most prone to damage or malfunction:

Electric Motor

The motor is responsible for the function of the chair and should be replaced if it is defective. When looking for a new motor, check the following items: It should have a minimum of 5-ampere power consumption. It should be compact and lightweight.

The motor should be mounted on a sturdy base. It should be waterproof to avoid damage due to water. Before buying, you can look at the price, warranty, and other features.

Remote Control

The remote control is a simple device that is easy to use and allows the user to control the functions of the massage chair. It should be easy to operate, easy to understand, and durable.

It should also have a battery backup so that you do not need to worry about the remote control. If the remote control is broken or not working, the controller is likely malfunctioning. In this case, replace the remote control. 

Heating system

The heating system in the massage chair is used to warm up the chair when you are using it. If it does not work properly, replace it. It should be easy to use and should not break. 

Power Cord

The power cord is responsible for powering the massager and should be replaced if it is defective. The cord should be long enough to reach your massage chair from your electrical socket.

The cord should be protected from wear and tear so that you do not have to worry about the cord breaking. There are many cords available on the market today. If you are buying a new one, check the length of the cord, how much current it consumes, and how easily it can be connected to your electrical socket.

Why it is Important to Reset a Massage Chair

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It can help you in the following ways:

Fix the Heating System of the Massage Chair

You’re probably experiencing a rise in your massage chair’s body temperature because certain settings can be tweaked to make your chair more comfortable.

You’ll be able to reset the automatic massage chair pads, which will delete all the faulty settings and allow you to reset them.

Sets the Timer 

The automatic timer is a critical element in any massage chair. You can’t expect to know the length of a massage session if you have a broken timer.

If you reset your massage chair, you might be able to get it working again. You can bring it back to factory settings.

Removes Unnecessary Noise from the Chair

There are many reasons why your massage chair might be making a strange sound. A faulty motor function or some problem with the air compressors. You can fix the motor by reading the manual yourself or getting professional help.

But before you do so, you should first make sure your massage chair is reset to its factory settings. Factory resets work most of the time, although they may not always solve the problem.

Fixes the Remote Function

To determine whether or not a particular feature is malfunctioning, first try to find it by entering the massage chair’s factory settings.

For instance, the massage roller is not going as deep as it should be if it is not vibrating properly, which indicates that the roller is clogged up.

If the airbags are not getting compressed or the LCD monitor is not turning on, you should try resetting your massage chair once.

Prevents the Massage Function from Malfunctioning

You should reset your massage chair when it stops abruptly multiple times. Most likely, the personalized setting would have been the cause.

How do you Adjust a Massage Chair?

The chair adjusts to your size by simply raising or lowering the seat. You can also adjust the back, armrests, and footrests for comfort. If you need to get up, you will have to lift the seat so that it is no longer touching your body.

Massage chairs are used to promote the relaxation of the patient. They are massaged through the use of pressure, which is applied to the various parts of the patient’s body. The patient is normally placed in a chair and his or her legs are placed onto a foot pedal.

After that, the therapist adjusts the chair according to the needs of the patient. The massage chair is then activated, and the patient can enjoy the experience of being relaxed.

Bottom Line

Massage chairs are known for their health benefits in terms of pain relief and are cost-effective. Here we have tried our best to answer how to reset a massage chair. Before resetting the massage chair, make sure that the power cord is not plugged in.

You can use a remote control or smartphone app to adjust the massage chair settings. Remove the batteries from the back of the chair. Place the new batteries in the chair. Reattach the power cable to the chair and plug the cord into the wall.

Press the power button and hold it for 30 seconds on the back of the chair to turn it on. If the problem continues, then you will have to call an electrician or technician to look into the problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I reset a massage chair?

Try following the manual instructions to reset it. Or you should call the manufacturer’s technical support department.

2. What should I do if I need to reset the massage chair?

Turn the power off, wait for the massage chair to cool down, and then turn the power back on.

3. How do I set the temperature?

Use the controls on the side of the massage chair. 

4. How do you troubleshoot a massage chair?

To troubleshoot you can plug it off and restart it.

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