Best Ways To Sit With Lower Back Pain – 2023

Best Ways To Sit With Lower Back Pain

According to medical science, the best ways to prevent or treat lower back pain are by using these three strategies—proper posture, adequate exercise, and good sleep.

Whether you’re an office worker, stay-at-home mom, or an avid runner, you can find out the best ways to sit with lower back pain so that you can avoid discomfort.

Sitting comfortably at your desk, you stare at the computer screen, typing away. You’ve got a deadline coming up, and you’re not sure how much longer you can keep up. But then you start getting a tight, aching feeling in your lower back.

You think it might be a pulled muscle, but you can’t find anything wrong. Nothing seems to be giving way, but the pain grows worse until you can’t sit any more!

There are many reasons why your lower back can hurt. Maybe you sit too much or lift heavy objects that cause pain. Or maybe you have a pinched nerve.

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Studies suggest that there are five major causes of low back pain:

  • Mechanical Injuries

Most often this is due to injury to the spine, vertebrae, or soft tissues. Acute and chronic fractures are both very serious injuries. Traumatic disc herniation is a common type of back pain. Pregnancy can lead to back pain.

  • Degenerative Diseases

Osteoarthritis is inflammation of joints, which may result in bone erosion and cartilage loss. Moreover, osteoporotic fractures can cause a degenerative process.

  • Inflammation of the Joints

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in the joints, especially the back, and is painful. Other acute inflammatory processes may cause low back pain.

  • Oncologic Conditions

Cancer of the bone marrow and spine may cause back pain.

  • Infection of the Spine

A bacterial infection of the spine or discs can be a possible cause of low back pain.

What are the Best Ways to Sit with Lower Back Pain?

Sit With Lower Back Pain

We’ve all been there. You go to sit down, and you feel a sharp pain shoot up your spine. Or you may notice a dull ache that feels like it’s been there for days. Whatever the case, it’s not a fun situation to be in.

Following are our top tips for sitting with lower back aches:

  1. One good strategy is to take frequent breaks from your seated position. You can either stand up and walk around the office or sit at your desk and take a short break.
  2. Another way is to find a comfortable, ergonomic chair that supports your back. The chair should not put excessive pressure on your lower back. And don’t forget to stretch frequently throughout the day, to help keep your back and your entire body flexible.
  3. Start by sitting in a chair with a straight back. Your spine should be aligned with your shoulders. If you feel any pain, adjust your posture until you are comfortable.
  4. Sit with your feet flat on the ground, shoulder-width apart. This helps your spine to be stable.
  5. Place a pillow under your knees to help keep your lower back from being in a hyperextended position.
  6. Stretching is essential for relieving lower back pain. You can stretch by lying on your back and reaching behind you to grab your ankles and pull them toward your chest. Keep stretching until your back feels relaxed.
  7. If you’re sitting in a chair with your back curved, your spine may be in a position that’s not helping you. When you’re sitting in a chair, avoid slouching and keep your head upright.
  8. Use your hands to support your lower back. You can use a cushion or a rolled-up towel to support your lower back.
  9. Stay calm. Avoid tension. Try to relax and breathe slowly and deeply.

What types of Chairs are Good for Lower Back Pain?

Many chairs are good for lower back pain. Some of the most common types of chairs include the following:

  • Kneeling Chair 

The kneeling chair is a good choice for backache because it gives you a better posture and helps you to avoid the strain on your back.

  • Swivel chair

A swivel chair is also a good option if you have a bad back. It helps you to keep your spine straight and it gives you a better posture.

  • High-end Executive chair

The high-back chair is another option that you can use if you have back pain. It’s good for you if you have a bad back.

  • Saddle stool

A saddle chair or stool great solution for people who have back problems while sitting. It allows them to sit up straight while remaining in a seated position.

  • Yoga ball for Sitting

Sitting on a yoga ball is great for relieving lower back pain. The ball provides support for the spine, and it helps to keep the spine in a neutral position.

Exercises For Lower Back Pain

1. The plank exercise is a great way to strengthen your back and core muscles.

2. A simple kneeling squat strengthens your legs and works your glutes.

3. An easy standing quad raises, can strengthen your quads.

4. You can also perform a simple side plank with your knees on the floor to improve your core strength and stability.

5. Use a stability ball to get some much-needed back and abdominal exercises.

The Verdict

The best ways to sit with lower back pain are those that make you feel comfortable. Also start to move around and try to increase the movement.

Use a pillow or cushion to help support your back. We also recommend that you don’t sit all day long. It’s important that you get up every 30 minutes or so.


1. What’s the best way to sit with lower back pain?

The best way to sit with lower back pain is to get up and walk around. You can also try stretching your lower back muscles.

2. Should I use a pillow?

Using a pillow to support your lower back may help. It keeps your head and neck in a neutral position.

3. What can I do to relieve the pain?

Massage your lower back, it can help.

4. Can I do any exercises?

You can do some stretches and exercises.

5. Is there anything I can do to prevent it from happening again?

Yes, you can do some things to prevent it from happening again.

6. How long will the pain last?

It will usually go away within a few days.

7. What can I do to improve my posture?

Sit up straight and make sure your shoulders are relaxed.

8. How can I avoid lifting heavy objects?

You should try to lift light objects instead of heavy ones.

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