How To Have Good Sitting Posture While Gaming?

How To Have Good Sitting Posture While Gaming

Gaming can be a great stress reliever and a source of entertainment for many people. But you need to sit for long periods in PC or Console gaming. This makes it a physically demanding activity and it may affect your health.

Here we discuss how to have good sitting posture while gaming. We’ll tell you about the good and bad sitting positions, ergonomic chairs, and research related to an ergonomically optimum sitting posture.

What is a Bad Gaming Posture?

sitting posture

According to research if you sit for prolonged periods with slumped posture, it will increase lower back discomfort.

A sitting position where your spine’s natural curve is not in an S-shape and the lower back is under excessive stress is considered a bad posture. In simple words, slouching and not sitting upright for long hours may result in spine problems.

There are many ways to turn a poor posture into a good one. A study suggests that using biofeedback sensor technology while working on computers may help in sitting actively.

How to Keep a Good Sitting Posture While Gaming?

To make your gaming experience more fun and energetic, avoid posture that causes backaches, neck pain, and discomfort.

People sit cross-legged on the floor or in a chair, while others prefer to sit in a chair with their feet on the ground. While it is always recommended to get a gaming chair.

Qualitative research data has suggested that sitting with excessive muscle tone and an unnatural spine posture is unhealthy.

Here are some tips on how to sit better while gaming:

Find the Right Ergonomic Chair

ergonomic design of gaming chairs

An ergonomic gaming chair will:

  • provide support
  • correct your posture
  • improve circulation in your lower extremities
  • reduce pressure on your back, neck, and shoulders

The best way to find an ergonomic gaming chair is to check out reviews of the best ones on It should be adjustable, comfortable, and stylish. It should also adjust to the shape of your body.

Keep Your Legs Straight While Sitting on Gaming Chair

There are different kinds of gaming chairs that support your head, back, and shoulders. They also keep your legs at a 90-degree angle. This places your feet flat on the floor and pressure is equally distributed as you play for hours.

You’ll have more fun with less fatigue if you can keep your legs straight while sitting on a gaming chair. It also helps in preventing swollen feet.

Sit up Straight to Avoid Backaches

sitting posture while gaming

There are lots of reasons to sit up straight, but the most common is that it helps you avoid backaches.

If you slouch when sitting or standing, your spine will be constantly in a flexed position. This position causes the discs and joints in your spine to wear down faster than they should.

It also puts pressure on your lower back and can cause muscle spasms and other problems. Sitting up straight is easier than you might think!

Keep Your Head Up and Avoid Neck Pain

Neck pain may be the most common musculoskeletal problem that no one can explain. And, with so many factors involved, like bad sitting posture, lifting heavy weights, and staring at the computer for prolonged periods while playing.

If you keep your head up, you’re less likely to experience neck pain.

Avoid Eye Strain – Place the Computer at Eye Level

When using the computer, make sure the monitor is at eye level. This keeps them from getting strained and tired.

Using the proper lighting can help reduce eye strain and headaches.

Take Frequent Breaks and Rest – Good Sitting Posture While Gaming

The importance of taking frequent breaks while gaming is often overlooked, but it is vital to a good sitting posture.

Exercise like stretching is very important while sitting on a chair. To get your mind and body off of gaming you can do push-ups, planks, lunges, etc. Whatever your way of taking a break from sitting is, just make sure you do it every 30 min to an hour.

Resting helps you to reduce strain on the eyes, relax muscles, and you get to enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings!

Avoid Sitting on a Chair That Is Too High or Too Low

Sitting on a chair that is too low for your body can cause lower back pain. Sitting on a chair that is too high can also put pressure on your knees and ankles, which can lead to joint pain and swelling.

You should always be aware of the height of your chair because it can cause problems with your back, legs, and feet. And a good posture is about more than just sitting up straight with your back arched.

It’s also about keeping your shoulders back, your neck in line with your spine, and having your feet flat on the floor.

Avoid Gaming On A Slanted Surface

If your sitting surface is not flat and it makes you keep your neck in an unnatural position. Your body gets affected by this posture which leads to muscle pain and tension.

There are many gaming chairs available in the market that can help you to relieve yourself of all these problems. Sometimes the inclination of a monitor or TV screen makes it more difficult for the eyes to focus on the screen, which can lead to fatigue and headaches, and possibly even some vision problems.

Avoid slanting surfaces for playing video games and computing! Choose the right monitor size and adjust the screen position.

Don’t Forget to Adjust the Mouse and Keyboard

Your arms and wrists are affected by gaming as much as your back. Place your elbows at a right angle on your desk while playing.

Adjust your mouse to a comfortable position. You can place your mouse in the center of your desk or move it close to the edge. When adjusting the mouse, make sure it is not too far from your hands.

What are the Effects of Bad Gaming Posture?

Besides the famous tech-neck, technology has significantly deteriorated our skeletal health. The following are the known effects of prolonged unhealthy posture:

  • stressed muscles and locked joints
  • lower back inflammation and pain
  • general fatigue and low mood
  • decreased immunity
  • slow metabolism and improper digestion
  • poor circulation in lower extremes causes swelling in feet and varicose veins
  • reduced lung capacity
  • increased risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis

Final Thoughts

Experts believe that adults sitting in console chairs over the weekends are prone to obesity and poor posture. Knowing about the time span and ergonomics of sitting is crucial for your well-being. In conclusion, to improve your posture, you need to focus on your core muscles. These are the muscles that allow you to stand and sit upright.

So, how to have good sitting posture while gaming? You should try to sit up straight, avoid slouching, and avoid leaning forward or back too much. To improve your posture, you should strengthen these muscles through regular exercise.


1. How to fix your posture while gaming?

The best way to sit is with your back straight, your butt resting well on the chair, and your feet flat on the floor.

2. Do gamers have bad sitting posture?

Professional gamers use ergonomically designed gaming chairs that improve their posture and provide relaxed sitting.

3. What’s an ergonomic gaming chair?

It’s a chair that is the right height. The seat should be comfortable, but not so soft that you sink into it.

4. How does a bad posture affect your health?

If you have poor posture, you will have back problems. Poor posture can also cause headaches, neck pain, and sciatica.

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