How to Stay Awake in Office after Lunch? Do’s & Don’ts

How to Stay Awake in Office after Lunch

Yawn! The post-lunch dip is a common problem for many office workers. You’re suddenly tired, lethargic, and ready for bed as soon as you finish your meal. Taking heavy midday meals can cause this problem.

So what can you do about this? The answer is simple, go to the bathroom and take a nap (wink!). But that’s not what you are here for! You can drink coffee or tea. Another way is to drink water or splash it on your face.

Here we discuss effective ways how to stay awake in office after lunch.

What is Postprandial sleep or Food Coma?

After a big meal, we often experience a lull in energy levels that can last anywhere from an hour to two hours. This is called a food coma. It’s a common phenomenon, and it happens because of the way the body processes food.

When we eat, our bodies release a hormone called insulin into the bloodstream. Insulin controls blood sugar and makes us feel full.

A combination of hormones, blood flow, sleep rhythms, and overall health of a person causes sleep after a meal. Research suggests that meal composition does not affect the onset of sleep after lunch.

Why do People feel Drowsy after Lunch?

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Many of us have experienced a day of intense productivity followed by a few hours of inactivity and lethargy. This is a common occurrence for most people, and it’s usually a result of poor eating and sleeping routine.

When we don’t get enough sleep or eat well, our bodies cannot function at their peak performance. It leads to a general feeling of sluggishness, and we may feel like we’re not as productive as we could be. 

Contrary to the popular belief that lunch causes sleep, studies on postprandial sleep suggest that a heavy meal can only increase sleep duration without initiating it.

How to Stay Awake in the Office after Lunchtime?

As you know, lunchtime activities are social and your brain gets distracted. When you return to work after lunch, it becomes difficult to focus again. 

These are some tips to stay active and productive after office lunchtime:

Small Meal for Lunch – Eat Healthily Avoid Junk Food

Stay Awake in Office

A small meal for lunchtime helps you stay focused and active throughout the day. You can have a healthy sandwich or a healthy soup.

Avoid a heavy meal as this will give you a sleepy feeling. You should try to eat a balanced diet that is low in fat and high in fiber. You can do this by eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Avoid sweeteners and processed food.

Drink Coffee or Tea to Stay Awake In Office

You must have a cup of coffee or tea every morning. It gives your body energy and helps you get through the day.

Splatter your Face with Water

If you can’t keep your eyes open after having lunch, try splashing your face with cold water.

It might wake you up. If you’re working from home you can take bath to stay fresh.

Get up often or Exercise at your desk

Stay Active! Try to be active throughout the day. If you sit at your desk for long hours, get up and walk around your office or even go for a quick walk outside.

You can also do some light stretching exercises, lunges, or push-ups while sitting at your desk. 

Keep yourself Hydrated

Take a water bottle with you, it will remind you to drink water regularly. Drinking water not only keeps you full for longer but also active, hence productive!

Don’t Stare at Your Computer for long

Staring at the screen and not moving acts like a lullaby. It makes you drowsy slowly until you bang your head against your desk.

Take breaks from the computer and stare away. Admire the beauty of your co-workers (if any!)

Open the Windows – Keep your workspace well-lit

It’s important to keep your work environment as bright as possible. Dark rooms tend to induce sleepiness because they mimic the night.

Use Plants, they’re great natural air purifiers and you can have one on your desk too!

Listen to your favorite Music as you Restart Work after Lunch

Music helps you feel happy and motivated. It also boosts your concentration level. Have a small notebook with you, and scribble down ideas that come into your mind while working. Initiate some simple exercises to keep you fit and active.

Try chewing gum

Chewing gum keeps you alert and focused. It keeps you busy and awake. Chewing gum is known for counteracting sleepiness.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

To work efficiently you need to be well-rested. Get up early in the morning and go for a walk. Avoid stress, it can hamper your productivity and efficiency. So, try to stay calm and relaxed. 

Keep your Lunchtime Short

A long lunchtime can make you tired and lethargic. Stay away from gossip and other people’s problems. You can keep your lunch short by taking some time to prepare it.

Can a Good Office Chair keep me Awake after 3 pm Slump?

Yes, it can! Good office chairs are designed to help you stay awake, and can also prevent you from becoming fatigued.

If you are a person who needs a lot of sleep, then you might want to look into an ergonomic chair. These chairs help you to sit in a comfortable position, but also one that helps you to be more alert.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep?

If you want a good night’s sleep, you need to get rid of all the things that keep you awake at night like your cell phone.

Don’t stay up late watching TV or surfing the web. Things like caffeine, sugar, and alcohol should be eliminated from your diet and life.

Final thoughts 

In conclusion, a good sleep schedule is essential for a productive day. Otherwise, the food coma will make you feel tired throughout the day unless you prevent it. So how to stay awake in office after lunch? Some of them include taking a walk, listening to music, exercising, and drinking a cup of coffee. 


1. How can you stay awake during office hours?

Take tea or coffee, drink water, and if possible take a cold bath. Walk around and listen to music to stay active, especially after lunch.

2. Why do you fall asleep after lunch at work?

It’s because of metabolic hormones, blood flow changes, or inadequate night sleep.

3. How can I boost my energy after lunch?

Exercise at your desk, lunges, push-ups, stretches, and chair dips are very effective in keeping you awake and energetic in the afternoon.

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