Steelcase Leap vs Herman Miller Aeron- Which One is Better?

Steelcase Leap vs Herman Miller Aeron

The main difference is that the Leap has a flexible and padded seat, whereas the lavish mesh Aeron is firmer.

The office chair has been a part of our lives for a long time. We’ve seen how it has evolved over the years, from the wooden desk chair to the modern metallic ergonomic office chair. In this post, we’ll be comparing the Steelcase Leap vs. the Herman Miller Aeron office chairs and finding out which one is better.

Steelcase Leap vs. Herman Miller Aeron

Steelcase Leap vs Herman Miller

When buying a new office chair, it’s easy to get carried away by a flashy new design and buy the chair you’ve always wanted. These are the description of the two ergonomic office chairs available on Amazon, to help you understand the two chairs better.


Product Dimensions25″D x 27″W x 43.5″H16.75″D x 27″W x 41″H
Room TypeOfficeOffice
Base MovementGlideSlide
Material‎Textile, PolyesterRecycled Material
Age RangeAdultAdult
Form FactorUpholsteredMetal
Item Weight65 Pounds41 Pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation400 Pounds300 Pounds
Price1350 USD1650 USD
Frame MaterialSteelGraphite
Special FeatureAdjustable Lumbar, Adjustable Height, Rolling, SwivelTilt Limiter, Adjustable Posture Fit Lumbar support, Seat Angle Adjustment

Steelcase Leap vs Herman Miller Aeron- Which one to Choose?

Today’s modern office chair is designed to support your back and keep you comfortable. With so many different options to choose from, it can be a challenge to decide on the right office chair that will suit your needs. But what if you could get an office chair that will fit your body perfectly, provide excellent comfort, and look great in your office? Well, that’s exactly what you’re about to discover in this section.

Warranty – Steelcase Leap vs Herman Miller Aeron

The Aeron chair is known for its 12-year warranty while the Leap covers a 3 to 12-year warranty for different parts of the chair.

Well, there’s no winner here. Both these chairs offer a lifetime warranty and are equally trustworthy.

Chair Size

Comparing the heights of the two chairs, Steelcase offers a more spacious chair for a lower price compared to Herman Miller. The Leap has a one size fits all design as compared to the Aeron chair which comes in three standard sizes(A, B, & C).

With a seat height of 43.5 inches, the leap has an edge over the 41 inches high Aeron chair.

Item Weight and its Weight capacity

The Leap weighs 65 lbs and can carry up to 400 pounds of your weight. While the Aeron weighs 41 pounds and can hold up to 300 lbs of human weight.

When compared to the Steelcase Leap the lightweight and overall build of Herman Miller Aeron makes it ideal to move around without damaging the flooring. Although for people who are taller and weigh more than 350 lbs the Leap chair is a better option.

We prefer the lightweight Aeron chair over its heavier counterpart. 

Materials and Chair Color

Herman Miller Aeron has a metal mesh frame that gives it a more traditional look. While the Steelcase Leap has a metal frame and polyester upholstery. The polyester upholstery on the Steelcase Leap makes it look very classy. The color range on Leap is wider than the Aeron chair.

The Mesh graphite seat of Aeron is firmer and some people consider it a rigid seat. Although Herman Miller is known for their breathable mesh office chairs.

For the fabric seating and multiple color schemes, the Steelcase Leap is the winner here.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Steelcase has a patented Natural Glide(TM) adjustment to make it easy to recline. It will let you recline without leaving your optimal viewing and work zone. The best seat cushions are the ones that take your weight and allow you to rest comfortably. And since you sit all day, they mustn’t aggravate the areas where you sit.

The Herman Miller Posture Fit SL backrest support will provide excellent lumbar support to the user and allow for a stronger seated posture. It provides individual adjustability for optimal fit, allowing for maximum effectiveness for the wearer.

Whether standing, sitting, or moving an Aeron mattress helps keep your movements smooth and balanced through the entire range of motion.

In this case, both chairs are ergonomically designed when it comes to comfy seating, you can choose either depending on your choice and budget!

Adjustability – Steelcase Leap vs Herman Miller Aeron

The Steelcase Leap and the Herman Miller Aeron office chairs are two of the most popular office chairs in the world. These are the four important aspects to look for in the adjustability of these chairs:

  • Lumbar/spine support
  • Back height adjustment
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Arm adjustments

The Leap Chair is a versatile chair that provides comfort and ease of movement. You can set its lumbar firmness and position it in different positions for a better fit.

The seat is extremely adjustable with adjustable seat depth, height, width, pivot, and recline tension. This chair is also equipped with an armrest for added comfort. The Aeron chair is comfortable and well-designed and includes a tilt limiter that lets you choose a reclined angle at one of three positions.

To let the seat slide effortlessly down, you have to put a little bit of force on the track. Seat Angle Adjustment allows the user to set the seat angle from neutral to engaged.

The fully adjustable arms adjust from a height of 2.8 inches above the seat to 3.8 inches above the seat, slide back and forth over a range of 4.5 inches, and pivot 15 degrees outward and 5.5 degrees inward.

When it comes to adjustability and flexibility we recommend the Steelcase Chair due to its seat adjustments and padded seat flexibility. The chair flexes and moves with you especially when you lean. The seat depth adjustment extends out and in as you move while working on your computer. Its backrest is very flexible and helps ergonomics. Reclining adjustment is good but needs effort.

On the other hand, the Aeron is a mesh chair, it offers you a firmer sitting experience. This chair doesn’t move with you, the tight rod in the seat’s front is a hindrance to your movement. You’ve to fit into the three standard sizes of the Aeron.

However, the overall design of the armrests is good. The lumbar support is rigid yet adjustable. The reclining is smooth and resembles a rocking chair. Forward leaning on this chair resembles a kneeling chair.

Wheels and Casters

The casters and attached wheels on both the chairs help you to smoothly move back and forth around the office.


The longevity of these two remarkable chairs is unquestionable. They’re durable, sturdy, and long-lasting chairs for your office. This is the reason why you can get a remarkable resale price on any one of them.

Outlook and Style

When it comes to choosing a chair for your office, you can either go with the classic and well-known Herman Miller Aeron or the more modern and popular Steelcase Leap.

Both these chairs are very popular among businesses and professionals, and the choice comes down to personal preference. They are extremely comfortable and are made from quality materials.

We say both are winners when it comes to durability and style.

Product Reviews

The online reviews about the performance and sitting experience of these chairs are as follows:

Steelcase Leap

ir?t=topchairguide 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B006H1QYBA Pros

  • Very high quality
  • Comfortable
  • Has a seat depth adjustment
  • The plush seat cushion is very cushy, yet supportive
  • Back support is height adjustable, but it’s very simple
  • Armrests are adjustable


  • seat cushion rips with the use

Herman Miller Aeron

ir?t=topchairguide 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01N0ZUN15 Pros

  • Cost-effective, worth every penny
  • a sleek, modern, and industrial design
  • massive 12-year warranty
  • help with back pain


  • rigid and the seat pan doesn’t flex
  • not for a tall and heavy person

Final Thoughts – Which one is Better?

The answer to Steelcase Leap vs Herman Miller Aeron is that they both have their strengths and weaknesses. We prefer the Leap chair because it is more comfortable, while the Aeron is ergonomic and has an ideally adjustable backrest. But Aeron is a bit pricey!

In conclusion, the Leap is an excellent choice for a small to medium-sized business that needs a great work environment. The Leap is the best choice for a business that wants a chair that will be comfortable, easy to use, and that will last a long time.


1. Is Steelcase leap better than Aeron?

Yes, it costs less and is more flexible when you sit and work in it.

2. Is Herman Miller Aeron worth it?

Yes, it is an ergonomic chair with very good reviews and is known for its breathable mesh design, 12-year warranty, and durability.

3. Is Steelcase Leap worth it?

Yes, Steelcase is a very soft, adjustable chair with lumbar support. It has an adjustable seat depth that is lacking in the Aeron chair.

4. Should I get Aeron A or B?

The size of this chair depends on the user’s height and weight.

5. How long will the Aeron chair last?

The Herman Miller Aeron chair comes with a 12-year warranty and has a long life.

6. Do all Aeron chairs have a forward tilt?

Yes, the Aeron chair is known for its forward tilt which supports you to change positions while working in the office.

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