Types of Gaming Chairs – Ergonomics Explained

Types of Gaming Chairs

Over the past decade, the gaming industry has experienced tremendous growth due to the rise of online gaming, video streaming, and esports competitions. However, in the past, gamers had to contend with heavy, bulky, and uncomfortable chair designs that were not conducive to extended periods of sitting.

Thankfully, that has changed, and today, there is a variety of gaming available. The best gaming chair is ergonomic, comfortable, and easy to use.

While the market is saturated with options, we will guide you about the best seats for long gaming sessions. We have sorted different types of gaming chairs based on their ergonomic design, adjustability, & usage (adults, teens, or toddlers).

History of Gaming Chairs

In 2006, DXRacer started making gaming chairs, this company had expertise in making racing car chairs. With the advancement of technology, the market for gaming chairs has also changed. Online gaming competitions and Youtubers influenced the growth of the PC and Console gaming industry.

Previously these chairs were designed for a single purpose which was to sit and relax while playing a video game. Whereas now they’re designed for office work. The industry has shifted towards ergonomics such as height adjustment, armrests, back support, and adjustable tilt.

Types of Gaming Chairs

The seat design of a gaming chair is vital. A study on postural variabilities measured the joint angle at various sitting positions. It concluded that a comfortable and ergonomically designed chair is imperative for prolonged sitting. 

Given below are the best chairs for gaming:

Ergonomic Gaming Chairs

Ergonomic gaming chairs are best for adults and teenagers. They’re meant for long and immersive PC gaming sessions. The seat height ranges from 27 to 40 inches, and the seat widths range from 18 to 24 inches. They range from 300 to 1000 US dollars. 

They have a variety of colors that serves the users’ needs. These chairs have comfortable seats with a high backrest for the lumbar and shoulders. The removable headrest is ideal for gamers because they can customize the chair as per their needs.

Most of these chairs are adjustable for seat height, armrests, and seat pan depth, while some have retractable footrests. The base has a swivel and five-star castors with PU-coated wheels.

The massage function is an added benefit of contemporary gaming chairs. Small vibrating devices like the ones used in mobiles are built into the backrest of these chairs. They give a relaxing massage to gamers while sitting for hours of video gaming.

Console Compatible Gaming Chairs

different PC gaming chairs

You must’ve heard about the Xbox one compatible gaming chairs. These chairs are designed for adults and teenagers. Consoles have been around for quite some time. The majority of people have PS, Xbox, or Wii games at home. These games come with Bluetooth and wired connectivity features. 

Floor Rockers are manufactured with Bluetooth connectivity, Speakers, Sub-Woofers, and Vibration motors. Floor Rockers are perfect for gamers who like to customize their gaming experience. 

Pedestal Gaming Chairs have a swivel base without casters and wheels. They are low seats meant for a restful gaming session.

Racing Simulators Cockpits

Racing chairs simulate racing cars, they’re hybrids of PC and Console gaming chairs. Designed for adults, this seat is meant for professional gamers. These are the most realistic racing seats on the market. They are genuine and unique in different configurations to fit gamers’ preferences.

The accessories of these chairs like flippable armrests make them extraordinary. Other accessories like gaming keyboards, steering wheels, and racing wheel setups make the console chairs even more attractive. The racing chair lineup is designed to give you the most realistic driving experience possible.

Themed Gaming Chairs

pink gaming chair

As the name shows these seats are made with themes based on movies, famous people, animated characters, and colors. These are preferred by Youtubers, girls, and teenagers. Although, a few simple chairs are designed for toddlers to play games as well.

The famous Star Wars gaming chairs, Pewdipie’s Throttle gaming chairs, Pink bunny chairs, etc. have a huge market. They are designed for varying gaming set-ups at home or in professional gaming spaces. 

They come in a variety of shapes ranging from LED PC gaming chairs, Rockers, Recliners, Sofas, and Bean Bags.

Bean Bags

a boy gaming on a bean bag

Although bean bags are not meant for professional gamers, they’re used for gaming at home, especially for children and toddlers. But adults do sit and play in them.

Bean bags are comfy seats and offer quality time while sitting and playing…let’s say candy crush! They’re easy to maintain, affordable, and portable sitting chairs. 

Things to Look for When Buying a Gaming Chair

Here are some things to look for when buying a gaming chair.


If you’re looking for comfort, you should choose one that is ergonomic and adjustable. It should be able to fit your body well, and it should be easy to adjust if you need to.


When it comes to design, you should pick one that is attractive and has a good appearance. You should consider whether or not the chair is portable. Pick one that has a sturdy frame and a strong material.

The best gaming chair is one that can improve your game performance and is cozy.

Price matters

When choosing a gaming chair, you need to make sure that you buy one that’s affordable. You don’t want to spend a fortune on a chair and its maintenance.


Some manufacturers like Herman Miller, Steelcase, and DXRacer are known for their long warranty periods. It is an important factor to consider while purchasing a seat for yourself.

Are Gaming Chairs Worth It

Yes, they’re worth it! Research suggests that console chairs are beneficial for improving efficiency and focus. The gaming chairs are the epitome of comfort and style. They are known for their postural benefits.

It helps you:

  • maintain a neutral spine position
  • decrease pressure on the neuromuscular junctions
  • prevents foot swelling
  • reduce pressure on the underside of your knees 
  • supports the pelvic bones and buttocks

Can You Use a Gaming Chair for TV

Of course, it is a decent chair and takes less space, which makes it a perfect option for your living room. Because of their reputation, gaming chairs are used for watching Television and movies. They’ll support your back, arms, and neck as you wind up after a long day at work. 

What Chair does PewDiePie Use

Pewdipie or Felix Kjellberg is the guy who plays Minecraft on YouTube. He is a renowned gaming personality on Youtube with more than 100 million subscribers. 

Pewdiepie collaborated with the American company Clutch Chairz to manufacture the Pewdiepie Throttle Series chair. This chair has been sold all over the world. It has a signature style with a punch on the backrest. And users like it for its customized style.

Final Words

To sum it up, if you’re looking for a gaming chair, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. Comfort, durability, design, ergonomics, and price all play a role in making the right choice. The types of gaming chairs range from casual to professional. It’s important to look for an ergonomic gaming chair that can support your neck, shoulders, and back, and keep you comfortable even during extended gaming sessions.


1. What is a platform gaming chair?

A floor rocker gaming chair with no wheels is a platform chair. It is a smart chair with Bluetooth connectivity and built-in speakers.

2. What is a tilt mechanism in a PC gaming chair?

 A tilt mechanism is a feature that allows you to adjust the backrest of a chair.

3. What are the features of a gaming chair?

A headrest, stable lumbar support, adjustable arms, a swivel base, and smooth wheels are features of any gaming chair. However, smartphone and tablet connectivity, speakers, and massage functions make it more luxurious.

4. Why do gaming chairs have pillows?

They’ve got pillows for lumbar and neck support. Some have removable pillows. 

5. What are the advantages of a racing simulator?

 Racing simulators have a real racing car cockpit design. They have steering wheels, pedals, and other controls that allow you to drive a car.

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